Customizon is the best marketplace for customized and personalized items

It is about the experience! Customers love to create the exact version of the item they want and purchase it right here on Customizon.

Sellers love the platform where they have direct contact with their customers. Unlike other marketplaces, on Customizon, the customer pays the Seller direct and the Seller and Customer are invited to contact each other directly to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied. As part of this special relationship, Sellers can also offer additional and exciting new products to previous customers.

Do you like the brand offered on Customizon? Great, we won’t distract you by showing you lots of other brands. When you come to a brand page on customizon, it is like coming into a store for that brand. We don’t show you links to lots of other brands.

The best place to buy and sell

Each seller and manufacturer on the platform has been carefully selected by us. We are dedicated to building a curated platform that assists sellers to establish, grow and succeed with their business. Customizon offers a range of easy-to-use tools that sellers can use to offer customized and personalized products.

We give buyers an opportunity to get exactly the products the way they want!

With one of the best visualization solutions in the industry, customers instantly see how the final product will look based on the selected options, personalized text and uploaded images.

On many product pages, customers start with a design they like and without leaving the page can see that same design on a variety of products prior to making the purchase.

Who we are

Customizon is run by the Doogma team. Headquarters are in the Northern suburbs of Chicago.